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You have found the blog site for the Fall 2016 semester offering of Art 434:  Women Artists.  This semester we will examine and explore the dynamic issues facing contemporary female artists, along with those who have come before, in order to better understand the changing cultural matrix we are experiencing in the second decade of the 21st century.  We will raise a number of issues facing women artists past, present and try to anticipate the anticipated future challenges.  This Art 434 blog will focus on the role and contributions made by women artists through PowerPoint lectures, video clips, examining/assessing exhibitions focusing on the female contributions, as well as a host of other related issues.

This blog will have a new post about every week of the Fall 2016 semester.  I invite you to visit this blog site every week and reflect on the newest posting.  Think about it for a few days and then post a response.  With that process in mind, I offer this statement as the opening salvo for our first week:  “Feminist art is not some tiny creek running off the great river of real art.  It is not some crack in an otherwise flawless stone.  It is, quite spectacularly, art which is not based on the subjugation of one half of the species.”  (Andrea Dworkin, Contemporary American Feminist Writer)

Andrea Dworkin

Andrea Dworkin 2